Market Research

Market Research

Whatever you want to know, we’ll help you find out.

Whether you’re considering a new product or market, or want to find out how well you’re doing with your customers, we can devise the right market research programme for you. No time to make all those phone calls? We’ll do it for you.

We can:

  • work with you to understand the real issues you need to explore with customers;
  • develop a market research questionnaire, sample profile and size;
  • carry out the research on your behalf;
  • collate your results into a report, with recommendations.
SharpTip: Formal market research is often the first thing to go when budgets are cut. But it’s the lifeblood of every marketing strategy. There are good, cheap ways of getting usable, worthwhile data. We know where to look, and we can find them for you.

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